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Sandwich Making

Slivka packed sandwich lunches for the homeless.

Field Day 2012

This year at field day we built a throne and carried our president through the gauntlet of water balloons thrown by other RCs. Read more about our annual events

Slivka at Relay

Slivka had a 22 person team participate in NU’s Relay for Life, a national fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We raised $3,129 and got 2nd place for medium sized teams. Everyone had a ton of fun staying up all night. We heard some great speakers including cancer survivors who inspired us to stay up […]

Running Club

We go running twice a week, lead by fellow Ellen Worsdall (and occasionally her puppies).

Slivka Lip Dub Video

Suggestion for freshmen watching this for the first time: Turn on “Show Annotations” to display labels of all the rooms. This video was meant to be a tour of our dorm! What’s up with those swords? Well, for the past two years we have had Foam Sword making events where you craft and decorate a […]