Farmer’s Market

May 18 was a beautiful day, so Slivkans got together with faculty Fellows and took an excursion to the Evanston Farmer’s Market. It was a day of local food and fun for all.

Painting the Rock!

Starting May 15th, Wednesday night, Slivka began to guard the rock. After more than 24 hours of guarding, we painted it Thursday night (well, Friday at midnight). The front said “go Slivka!” in silver and white, and the rest was blue. The side said “so this is outside?” Each Slivkan that painted the rock then signed their name on the bench.

RCB Field Day 2013

On May 11, Slivka and all the other Residential Colleges headed down to the Lakefill to participate in a day of outside fun. Highlights included a Slivka overall win, and Slivka championships in the Master’s Mile [pictured], human dodgeball, and the tug-of-war.

Grad Life Panel

On May 9th, our Academic Chair, Suhong Jin, brought in a handful of graduate students from Northwestern University. We then had an open discussion where residents were able to ask them about graduate life.