Philanthropy Events

Slivkans have continued to express their enthusiasm for philanthrophy and volunteering.

In May, residents participated in Campus Kitchens, an outreach program that provides sustainable food options to those in need.

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Last week, Slivkans volunteered at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, planting flowers by the stingray petting tank.

Thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm, the project was extended to two days instead of one. Thanks to all who participated!


Slivka Wins Field Day 2015!

This year, through an impressive collaborative effort, the Slivka community won the annual Residential College Field Day! Slivka left the competition with six trophies in total, for human foosball, waterballoon tossing, the relay race, tug of war, Penny Wars (a fundraising event) and the trophy for Field Day as a whole. Slivkans also placed well in other events, including second place for musical chairs. Those who didn’t compete helped with the concession stand, and spent hours handing out snow cones and cotton candy. Additionally, Slivkans had the pleasure of pelting President of the Slivka Exec Board, Austin Dickey, with dozens of water balloons. The weather was beautiful, and well appreciated after a long, misty spring. All in all an excellent day. (More photos coming shortly.)

In other news, the Slivka website was recently bestowed the title of Best in Show in the Residential College Website Competition.