Undergraduate Fellow Application

A Message from Quincy Thomas Stewart, Associate Chair of Slivka

In an effort to augment the mentoring environment at the weekly Peer-to-Professor (P2P) lunches, the Slivka College staff is creating an “Undergraduate Fellow” position/program. The goal of this program/position is to bring together Slivka upperclassmen—both non-residential and residential—with the current Slivkans and faculty fellows in an informal lunch setting to add a new perspective to the conversations. Our hope is that the Undergraduate Fellows (UFs) will provide Slivkans insight on their experiences with particular internships, co-ops, and other important academic/market activities.

To this end, the Slivka Faculty Chairs staff will distribute four UF’s to Slivka upperclassmen consisting of five meal vouchers to be used during the academic quarter. The UF’s must use these vouchers to attend five P2P lunches during the quarter with an eye toward discussing their experience with others at the lunch. Furthermore, the UF’s can choose to participate in a UF fireside during the quarter for a deeper engagement with Slivkans about their unique academic/market experience.

To apply for a UF position, please send me a CV and a cover letter that details your experience that you will be able to discuss in the context of the P2P lunches and your potential UF fireside. Please submit your applications to me, Quincy Thomas Stewart (q-stewart@northwestern.edu), to be considered for the program. The Slivka College Staff will review the applications and announce the awards as soon as possible.

If you have questions about the program, please drop me a line via email or talk to me at P2P.