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Event Spotlight: The Joy of MSPainting

It’s hard not to love Bob Ross.┬áBut oil paints are a lot of commitment. Luckily, his timeless techniques translate pretty well into the digital real. There’s a lot low-res charm to the MSPaint masterpieces created by Slivkans during this fun little virtual event! Take a look at the gallery below: [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”12″ gal_title=”MSPainting”]

Slivka Guards the Rock!

Slivka has painted the rock! The 24-hr watching was done over Zoom, and the actual painting done by our very own Lucius Veiga!

Slivka Exec 2020-2021!

Slivka has elected its 2020-2021 executive board! From left to right: Lucius (Facilities), Cooper (IT), Dana (President), Conrad (Vice President), Caryl (Treasurer), Leo (Academic), Jean (Fellows), Anna (Philanthropy), Kayleigh (Publications), Lilly (Social), and Glory (Social)!

Frankenstein Stuffed Animals

It’s alive…not! Slivkans made “Frankenstein” stuffed animals out of small keychains in this wacky IT event.

Cardboard Forts 2019!

Cardboard Forts 2019 is back, and so are Slivkans! Looking forward to a new year with all of our freshmen!

Murder Mystery 2019

Slivkans and non-Slivkans alike gathered for a Fae Courts-themed ~Murder Mystery~!

Slivka Formal 2019!!

Slivkans went to River Roast in Chicago for a night of fantastic formal fun!

Slivka Goes to RCB Formal!

Slivkans joined the rest of RCB at the MCA of Chicago for a night of fun and festivities!

Slivsgiving 2018

All Slivkans and Fellows came together for a night of family and feasting before the holidays!

RejecTED Returns!

As always, we were educated on a conspiracy for the ages! Just as good as the theory that Slivka exec = Lucasfilms.