Residence Life

Residence Director: Andre Hebert

A Residence Director, or RD, is a live-in professional staff member who functions as the supervisor of a residential area of campus. The RD supervises the CAs, organizes processes and procedures, adjudicates any conduct issues, serves on a 24-hour duty rotation to provide emergency response, and serves as a resource to students in the area.

Andre is comandreing from Columbus, OH where he earned his Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from The Ohio State University. Andre is originally from Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette earning his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Organizational Communication. Andre has been working intently with housing and residence life for a few years now. Besides working with Slivka Res College, Andre works with 2303 Sheridan, Lindgren Hall, Ayers CCI, and Sargent Hall within the Northeast Area of campus.

Resident Assistant: Isaac Doppenberg (1st and 2nd floors)

A Resident Assistant, or RA, is a student whose goal it is to build community within a hall. RAs plan events, work with exec boards, and address potential policy violations in order to make sure that all residents feel safe and comfortable in their community. As part of their role as a bridge to many campus resources, RAs also serve on duty to conduct rounds of each hall and provide emergency response. RAs undergo an intense training process before the start of each academic year to focus on building mediation, interpersonal, and event planning skills, to name a few.

Isaac is a Sophomore from Minnesoooooota majoring in Social Policy and Sociology. In his free time, Isaac enjoys biking, trying new restaurants, going to concerts, and hanging out with friends and family.

Resident Assistant: Jessie Kang (3rd floor)

Jessie Kang, from Seoul, Korea, is a senior studying Psychology and Chemistry. She doesn’t have hobbies, because she doesn’t have free time. But sometimes if the stars are aligned and Mercury isn’t in retrograde and she has an hour to breathe, she’ll probably waste that time on her phone playing a stupid game or scrolling through her snap feed.

Resident Assistant: Major Zeng (4th floor)

Major (Yue) Zeng
Third year RA. Senior.
Hometown: Beijing, China
Majors, Minor and Something Else: Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Religious Studies & Architecture
Involvement: NU Steel Bridge. House by Northwestern.
Hobby:Bookworm (novels, preferably in Chinese), Culture Lover (Plays and Musicals), Foodie (All Good Food and Asian Snacks)