Name Position About Photo
Alan Sahakian Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering Alan is Chair of the EECS Department. In his spare time, he likes to work on classic cars, bike, and go to the gym. You'll frequently see Alan eating lunch at Sargent with Slivkans!
Anna Ren Librarian, Science & Engineering Library Anna is a Librarian in Mudd Library. She specializes in engineering, especially MechE! She has a son who is currently attending Northwestern. She loves coming to P2P at Sargent to eat with students.
Arancha Alarcon Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering Arancha is a Professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department. You may see her teaching EA2, EA3, or CivilE 216! She loves spending time with her family and taking fabulous trips.
Art Schmidt Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Physics and Astronomy Art is the "Toy Master," he does the demonstrations for the Physics department! He likes to take Slivkans sailing on Lake Michigan and also enjoys biking. Many Slivkans see him in class or at lunch in during P2P.
Brennan Sprinkle PhD Student in Applied Math Brennan is a PhD student in Applied Math and his research is exploring multi-physical fluidic phenomenon at the nano-scale (#what? ask him!). He's most excited to eat a lot of free food while meeting Slivkans. Brennan is also great at trivia, especially music based facts!
Brit Schneiders Graduate Student Brit is a grad student in Applied Math, who got her undergrad degree at CU Boulder. She TAs several classes that many Slivkans take like Math 234 or EA4! Brit is extremely excited to get involved in our community!
David Chopp Professor of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Dave is the Chair of the Applied Math Department. He is a former Associate Chair of Slivka and has a lot of interest in Slivkans! He likes to bike and take Slivkans to dinner in downtown Evanston - like Flat Top.
Elizabeth Koselka Graduate Student/Assistant Chair Elizabeth Koselka is a second year PhD student in Biological Anthropology; her research investigates links between structural inequality and long-term health by assessing influences for food choice among teenagers in Spain. Before arriving at Northwestern, Elizabeth earned a BA from University of Michigan (double major in Anthropology and Spanish) and worked for four years with non-profit groups to improve education, nutrition, and food security for children. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, running, travel, and the outdoors.
Eric Perreault Chair of Biomedical Engineering; Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Eric is the Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department. His research focuses on joint control and neural pathways and how those things are damaged in a stroke or injury.
Ilya Mikhelson Post-doc, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Ilya is a post-doc and Lecturer. He usually teaches an EA 1 class. He also loves to play IM sports with Slivka. He would love it if you came out and played with us, too!
Isaac Miller Graduate Student, African American Studies Isaac is a graduate student in the African American Studies Department. He has a love for gardening and is excited to get to know Slivka this year!
Jens Koch Associate Professor of Physics Jens teaches in the Physics 135 sequence, along with other classes in the department both for undergrads and grad students. His research is in theoretical condensed matter physics; and he is very excited to be a Fellow at Slivka!
Jonathan Emery Professor in Material Science and Engineering Jonathan is a new professor in Material Science and Engineering. He recently received his Ph.D. from Northwestern. He is married and has a young son.
Joseph Holtgreive Assistant Dean for Student Career Development McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Karen Chou Professor in Civil Engineering Karen is a Professor in Civil Engineering. She graduated from Northwestern herself! She is the faculty advisor of the American Society of Civil Engineers on campus, and she loves cooking.
Kathleen Carmichael Lecturer in the Writing Program Kathleen is our Associate Chair and a Lecturer in both McCormick and WCAS. She co-teaches DTC every year and is also a first year seminar teacher and advisor in Weinberg! She likes to read and discuss books and knowledge with Slivkans.
Ken Gentry Senior Lecturer and McCormick Advisor Ken is a First-Year advisor in McCormick and also teaches DTC. He also teaches in Biomedical Engineering. He loves the great outdoors and sports!
LaTanya Williams Associate Director for STEM LaTanya is the Associate Director for STEM at the Office of Fellowships. She got her PhD from Northwestern in 2014. She has two young sons; and she loves to travel, read biographies, and eat at new restaurants!
Lisa Del Torto Lecturer in the Writing Program Lisa is a Lecturer in WCAS's Writing Program. She often teaches first year seminars and advises those first year students in Weinberg. Her office is too far south to come to P2P, but she loves to give firesides and take Slivkans out to dinner in downtown Evanston - like Mt Olive!
Loren Yeager Lab Manager Loren is the new Gen Chem lab manager! She has a background in environmental science and data management. She's excited to join Slivka!
Mike Beltran CAD/CAM/CAE Teaching Lab Instructor and Lecturer Mike is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. He teaches CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping classes as well within Segal Design. He has a small dog that he may be able to be persuaded into bringing to Slivka.
Nancy Anderson Associate Director of Residential Academic Initiatives Nancy is the Associate Director of Residential Academic Initiatives. This means she is a Fellow and integral part of all residential colleges. She frequently checks in to make sure everyone is happy in Slivka!
Neda Bagheri Assistant Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering Neda is a ChemE Professor. She is great fun to talk to in Sargent but also play IM Ultimate with! She also likes to come eat dessert and other good food with Slivka.
Peter Anglada Financial Administrator for CIERA Peter is the Financial Administrator for CIERA (Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics). He is excited to form more relationships with students at Northwestern, and he thinks he has a lot of advice to give about the pitfalls of finding the right career path and life path for each individual.
Quincy Thomas Stewart Associate Professor of Sociology Quincy is the Faculty Chair of Slivka. He is a Professor of Sociology, with a background in ethnography, demography, and physics. He also has two kids that he sometimes brings to Slivka.
Russell Joseph Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Russ is an EECS Professor. He has three daughters that he sometimes brings to Faculty Brunches!
SonBinh Nguyen Professor in Chemistry SonBinh is a Chemistry Professor. He likes to take Slivkans to eat in Chinatown in Chicago! He is also a Fellow at CCS.
Suzan van der Lee Professor in Earth & Planetary Sciences Suzan is a Professor in Earth & Planetary Sciences in Weinberg. She specializes in earthquakes/seismology.
Tim Higgins Campus Minister, Sheil Catholic Center Tim is a Campus Minister at Sheil Catholic Center. Over spring break (2015), he traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild homes. Tim prefers lunch in Sargent with Slivka to meetings that he should probably attend.
Tracy Hodgson Senior Lecturer, Program in Biological Sciences Tracy is a Lecturer in Biological Sciences. She likes painting (see the paintings her office!) and her favorite candy is Reese's. She loves taking Slivkans to Off Campus Dinners - like Mt Everest.
Vinzenz Unger Professor of Molecular Biosciences, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Vinzez is in the Biological Sciences department, researching membrane proteins and membrane-associated scaffolds. He uses Biophysics and Biochemistry in his research, as well. He is very excited to join Slivka as a new Fellow this year; look out for him at P2P!
Wes Burghardt Associate Dean of Students for McCormick Wes, previous Faculty Chair of Slivka, is the new Associate Dean of Students for McCormick. He teaches in the ChemE Department. He loves to cook, go sailing, and to play racquetball, as well as all things Slivka.
Zosia Krusberg Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of Physics and Astronomy Zosia is a Lecturer in the Physics Department. You may see her teaching the 135 sequence or at a Women in Science talk. She is active as a mentor to her students and loves when people drop by to chat!