Building Features

Suite-Style Living

Six to eight people live in every suite. Between them, suitemates share two bathrooms and a lounge. Bathrooms consist of a toilet stall, a shower stall, and a double sink vanity with storage. We have a biweekly cleaning service for the bathrooms, but keeping the suite lounges tidy is up to us. The lounges are furnished with a sofa, two chairs, lamp, coffee table, and garbage bin. Suite lounges are between the Study Lounge and Rec Lounge, in that they can be great places for studying or hanging out with friends.

Recreation Lounge

The Recreation Lounge is the heart of Slivka and never actually called the “Recreation Lounge.” The “Rec Lounge” is used for house meetings, events, and just hanging out. Located on the 2nd floor, it’s easily accessible and is equipped with a pool table, a ping-pong table, and a Foosball table. In addition, the large-screen TV accompanied with two, large speakers is perfect for playing video games or enjoying a night filled with movies.

Discovery Room

The Discovery Room was built for students to cooperate in further research. Located in the basement, the “DR” is often used for larger study groups. Most interesting is the equipment in the DR which includes a paper cutter, computer, printer (ink included; paper not included), 3D printer, and an analog oscilloscope.

Music Room

The Music Room is a place for students to continue their musical endeavors. Located in the basement, the Music Room features two pianos – a digital and an acoustic upright piano. Additionally, there is a computer with recording software so that you can mix your own masterpieces. Lastly, the Music Room is equipped with sound blocks, a mirror, and a music stand to accompany any of the musical instruments.

Study Lounge

The Study Lounge is the primary study area for Slivkans. Located on the first floor, the Study Lounge allows students to both study independently or cooperate with each other. This room provides an option from studying in the dorm rooms and allows student to interact with others in their classes. It’s also just a great place to take a break in between classes!

Seminar Room

The Seminar Room is most commonly used as an additional study room, offering more quiet than the Study Lounge but without the comfort. Located on the first floor, the Seminar Room facilitates cooperative study and group meetings. On occasion, the Seminar Room is used as a classroom for Slivka-exclusive courses – this environment enables a deeper understanding that a large classroom cannot offer. Lastly, the several windows provide ample outdoor light and a peaceful atmosphere that promotes study and learning.

Bike Storage

The Bike Room provides an ideal place for Slivkans to park their bikes. Located in the basement, the Bike Room protects the bikes from the weather. To protect the bikes from theft, access is only allowed with a valid key. Each parking spot additionally has a cable which can be locked onto the bike.

Laundry Room

The Laundry Room allows Slivkans to wash their laundry in a convenient location. Located in the basement, the Laundry Room features five washing machines and six dryers. Machines are free to operate. Additionally, two laundry sinks are installed for the students’ convenience. Lastly, a folding table, chairs, and ethernet ports are provided to facilitate the laundry process.


Each floor has a fully functional kitchenette that allows residents to at least try to cook their own meals. In addition to provided detergent and dishwasher soap, each kitchenette features:

  • Full-sized Refrigerator
  • Digital Electric Oven
  • Digital Electric Stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Cabinets
  • Garbage Can

Take a look at this student-created video to view all the great features of Slivka, including the most important feature of all: Slivkans!


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