Photograph by Daniel Tian, ’18, Slivkan Resident


The famed staircase, looking out towards the lake. Photograph by Daniel Tian, ’18, Slivkan Resident

The newest Residential College on campus, the Slivka Residential College of Science and Engineering was completed and dedicated in September 2002. Slivka was made possible by a gift from the Wissner-Slivka Foundation. During the construction of Slivka Hall, the staircase was designed to be the social center of the dorm. Slightly curved around the edges, the staircase is the only staircase in the building (with the exception of emergency fire exits), requiring that people pass each other while walking in and out of the building. This fosters a community feel that Ben Slivka wanted for the building.

In 2011, the Discovery Room (DR) of Slivka, located in the basement, was renovated. White boards were added to the walls, more comfortable chairs were purchased, and a TV was installed. These improvements make a DR a perfect place for group projects and meetings.

In early 2015, a small pantry on the first floor was cleaned out and opened for the benefit of all to use. Now known as the first floor kitchen, the room contains a microwave, stove and oven, refrigerator and a sink, as well as plenty of cupboard space for Slivkans to store their own food items. In addition, its proximity to two study lounges as well as Lisa’s Cafe makes it the ideal place to make a late-night study snack.

Lisa’s Cafe, connected to the building, was dedicated at the same time as Slivka Hall. It was named after Ben Slivka’s wife, Lisa Wissner-Slivka. The Cafe now acts as a place for Slivkans, as well as students across campus, to do homework and hang out.

In mid-April of 2015, Slivka adopted the octopus as its official mascot.