Resident Assistants



Residence Director: Mark Tracz

A Residence Director, or RD, is typically a live-in professional staff member who functions as the supervisor of a residential area of campus. The RD organizes processes and procedures, adjudicates any conduct issues, serves on a 24-hour duty rotation to provide emergency response, and serves as a resource to students in the area.

Mark is not a live-in faculty member – he has an office in McCulloch Hall

Mark joined the Residential Life team in 2021 and currently serves as one of the Resident Directors for the Northeast Area.

Mark’s professional portfolio includes: supervising residence halls, health promotions outreach, sexual violence prevention education, and multicultural education.

In his free time, Mark enjoys watching anime, cooking, taking care of his plants, and staying active.


Resident Assistants

A Resident Assistant, or RA, is a student whose goal it is to build community within a hall. RAs plan events, work with the exec board, and address potential policy violations in order to make sure that all residents feel safe and comfortable in their community. As part of their role as a bridge to campus resources, RAs also serve on duty to conduct rounds of each hall and provide emergency response. RAs undergo an intense training process before the start of each academic year to focus on building mediation, interpersonal, and event planning skills.

First and Second Floor RA: Erin Mohr

I’m Erin (she/her/hers), from Orinda, California in the bay area. I am a senior majoring in Manufacturing and Design Engineering. I am a real nerd about dance improv, van life, The Last Airbender, cross-stitching, 3D printing, backpacking, and photography.  


Third Floor RA: Russel Steans

Hello! My name is Russell (Russ) and I’m currently a fourth-year studying Biological Sciences and Chemistry. I’m kind of from all over the place, but most recently from El Paso, Texas. This year, I’m really looking forward to (safely) seeing my friends face to face again and hopefully normal college life!


Fourth Floor RA: Natan

Natan’s Bio & Photo COMING SOON! 


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