Resident Assistants


Residence Director: Renzie Chipman

A Residence Director, or RD, is a live-in professional staff member who functions as the supervisor of a residential area of campus. The RD organizes processes and procedures, adjudicates any conduct issues, serves on a 24-hour duty rotation to provide emergency response, and serves as a resource to students in the area.

Renzie Chipman

I grew up in the suburbs of Austin, TX but have been moving around ever since, living in CT, VT, MA, and even Germany! I completed my BA in English at Williams College and just received my MS in Higher Education Administration and Policy here at Northwestern. I enjoy golfing and all things pop culture. This will be my second year at Northwestern, but my first as a full-time Resident Director. I’m looking forward to the upcoming academic year and becoming a full-time member of the residential community here at Northwestern!


Resident Assistants

A Resident Assistant, or RA, is a student whose goal it is to build community within a hall. RAs plan events, work with the exec board, and address potential policy violations in order to make sure that all residents feel safe and comfortable in their community. As part of their role as a bridge to campus resources, RAs also serve on duty to conduct rounds of each hall and provide emergency response. RAs undergo an intense training process before the start of each academic year to focus on building mediation, interpersonal, and event planning skills.

First and Second Floor RA: Erin Mohr

Erin Mohr

I’m Erin (she/her/hers), from Orinda, California in the bay area. I am a rising sophomore who just took a gap year and still doesn’t know what kind of engineering I’m majoring in. In my spare time, I rock climb, dance, and listen to audiobooks. I cannot wait to meet my residents and I’m always willing to help.


Third Floor RA: Anthony Kang

Anthony Kang

I’m Anthony, the 3rd floor RA in Slivka. Alongside the rest of the Slivka team, I’m here to make sure folks are safe, welcome, and responsible. I’m a junior studying Bio and Data Science (minor) from San Diego, CA. Hobbies include cold brew, guac, and memes, all three preferably spicy. Synbio is my arena, and I’d love to learn yours. Come find me if you discover anything that excites you, and let’s chat over tea.


Fourth Floor RA: Alex Gallard

Alex Gallard

I’m Alex, a 2nd year mechanical engineering student from Seattle, WA. In my free time, I enjoy hiking in the vast mountain ranges of Illinois and doing EA4 labs for fun. I also like to be given free food.