College Staff

Faculty Chair: Kathleen Carmichael

The Faculty Chair is a senior faculty member who “guides the intellectual and programmatic life” of a residential college. In Slivka, they often take students to cultural and other unique events.

Kathleen Carmichael is Slivka’s Faculty Chair. She is an Associate Professor of Instruction in the Cook Family Writing Program where she teaches courses in literature, composition, and engineering communication AKA DTC. Those of you in McCormick will become acquainted with DTC if you’re not already. She is especially interested in the rhetoric of public policy, literatures of addiction, and representations of science in popular media.


Associate Chair: Suzan van der Lee

The Associate Chair shares responsibilities with the Faculty Chair.

Suzan van der Lee is our Associate Faculty Chair. She is a professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, where she teaches geophysics, seismology, scientific programming, and data science. Her research aims to better understand the dynamics of the Earth’s convecting interior, including interactions between the deep and shallow interior that sustain plate tectonics and create powerful natural hazards such as earthquakes. She utilizes data science to extract information about the Earth’s interior from recordings of seismic waves.


Assistant Chair: Jade Basinski

The Assistant Chair is a graduate student who helps with the administrative duties of the residential college, such as organizing cross-RC events. They also act as a liaison between students and the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives.

Jade Basinski is our Assistant Chair and coffee specialist! She is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering and has a background in computational chemistry. Please talk to her about anything related to food, coffee, film making, film watching, and the evolution of memes. She lived in China for her undergrad, so feel free to ask questions about studying abroad or travelling in Asia!