Executive Board

The executive board of Slivka is a group of students that plans events for current residents, alumni, and faculty fellows. They are in charge of most events in the dorm, from the smaller daily events to the larger events like Slivka Formal. They are always happy to answer any questions you have about Slivka or anything else!


President: Rachana Kolli

The President serves as the leader of the executive board and also as the leader of Slivka in general. This means running both exec board meetings and house meetings, as well as generally being involved with most of the things Slivka does. In this way, the President also helps to serve as the face of the dorm. This is extended through the President’s involvement on the Residential College Board, which includes attending RCB meetings with the other 10 RC Presidents and representing Slivka there.

Rachana Kolli

Hey, y’all! I’m Rachana Kolli and I’m a premed senior studying Bio (Genetics and Genomics) and Creative Writing (Fiction) in WCAS. Though I currently live in Dallas, TX, I grew up in a little town nearby called Valparaiso, Indiana which has resulted in my slightly concerning love for popcorn. I also enjoy baking, reading, writing Murder Mysteries, semicolons, and having an unreasonable amount of posters and things on my walls. Whether you want to talk about school, extra curriculars, or the numerous merits of Avatar: The Last Airbender (although I still think Zutara should have happened), please come find me and we can chat over a cup of hot chocolate!

Contact: RachanaKolli2019@u.northwestern.edu

Vice President: Eileen Holland

The Vice President oversees the Committees of Slivka, collects and maintains records of housing points, coordinates the non-resident membership system, communicates with the University regarding matters concerning non-residents and prospective students, and is second in the line of command should anything happen to the President.

Eileen Holland

Hi, I’m Eileen Holland, a sophomore Computer Science major from Chicago (like, actually in the city my whole life). I’m trying to switch to McCormick Integrated Engineering studies to do some combination of industrial design and user experience. I love every design class I’ve taken here and I’m usually a solid 86% willing to help on any DTC project (100% if you catch me on shift because I’m a Segal Shop Trainer). If it’s winter, I’ll probably be found on the Norris Ice Rink because I figure skate. There’s a special place in my heart for all the non-reses because I also started all my friendships by infiltrating the Slivka Table in Sargent. Fun fact: I was once in a 13 hour Dungeons and Dragons oneshot and it was maybe the most incredible experience of my life.

Contact: EileenHolland2020@u.northwestern.edu

Treasurer: Ryan Franks

The Treasurer’s primary role is to oversee the budgets of Slivka’s various committees and of the College as a whole. The Treasurer is responsible for disbursing all College funds through the appropriate channels, documenting the College’s debits and credits, and balancing the College’s accounts on a quarterly basis. Additionally, the Treasurer is often called upon to help draw up contracts for services to the College. The Treasurer’s job is a demanding one, requiring careful balance between the needs of Slivkans and the University’s rules and regulations.

Good morning Earthlings! My name is Ryan Franks and I’m an applied math & materials science double major in the class of 2019 from Highland Park, Illinois. When I”m not saving Slivka from Debtor’s Prison or doing arcane computational science, I can be found getting into foam sword fights in Slivka, building gazebos in one of Sarah Bier’s Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, and asking the important questions about life like “Any of you have some food to give me?” Hit me up to talk about weird philosophical questions, fractals (*fractal art bloggg plug* isnasene.wordpress.com) or puns (which I make too many of)!

Contact: RyanFranks2019@u.northwestern.edu

Academic Chair: Kayla Carter

The Academic Committee plans a variety of firesides, ranging from science and engineering to philosophy and art to karate and dance; these are lead most of the time by student groups or professors, but some individual Slivkans have also hosted them. Recently, we have also tried to host more inter-RC firesides, through which students from various RC’s can get to know each other. In addition to the firesides, we organize fun and educational trips (e.g. to museums).

Hi friends, I’m class of 2020 from Portland, Oregon, a Chemical Engineering major and a Theatre minor. Now, to the fun stuff-I’m most often found being a literal human disaster, but I can also be heard singing to random music in my room, playing the ukulele with other Slivkans, practicing karate or dance in the music room, or stress-eating my feelings while watching Netflix. Feel free to come talk and/or hang out, I have plenty of junk food!

Contact: KaylaCarter2020@u.northwestern.edu

Fellows Chair: Conrad Burghardt

The Fellows Committee plans fun events that encourage Slivka residents to interact with Fellows. These events include Prof-2-Peer lunches, the Student Faculty Reception, Saturday brunches and small off-campus dinners with the faculty. The Fellow-Liaison program is also implemented every quarter, where Slivkans have the opportunity to meet and form lasting friendships with the Fellows.


Hello friendo, I’m Conrad, a member of the Class of 2021, studying Economics and Sociology in Weinberg. I’m currently our fellows chair which means I do a lot of talking to old(er) people. I’m a big fan of cooking, especially my “special” brownies, (the secret ingredient is friendship), as well as music, video games, and being a god awful (but really entertaining) dungeon master. I’m from Evanston, specifically the corner of Sherman and Foster, which is four blocks from Slivka, so I’m the best person to turn to for questions about the area. I normally hang around the rec lounge, or am in my room, doing nothing of importance and/or actual work, so feel free to bother me at any time!

Contact: ConradBurghardt2021@u.northwestern.edu

Social Chair: Brandon Scott

The Social Committee is responsible for planning various types of activities for Slivkans to participate in. These activities range from board game nights to BBQs to karaoke to munchies. We also team up with the Treasurer to plan a Slivka formal where Slivkans gather at a formal setting for a nice meal and dancing. Our main goal is to get Slivkans together to have a good time.

HEY FAM! My name is Brandon Scott and I am currently a junior attempting to major in *preps big boy voice* “. . . Neuroscience with and allied field in Psychology, and a minor in Theatre with a concentration in performance.” Yeah, Imma make Northwestern write all that out on my diploma, BET. My current musical aesthetic is a combination of Logic, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, mid 2000’s Kanye, Daft Punk, and anything in between, if you mess with that lemme know, we can talk. Did I mention I am from Evanston? I was born in Chicago though, Presence Resurrection Medical Center (7435 W Talcott Ave, CHICAGO, IL 60631), CoMe At mE bRO. When I’m not being told, “Bruh, you’re from Evanston,” I can be found in either the Rec Lounge ending (virtual) lives in SMASH, blasting some dope tunes in my suite, re-watching Rick and Morty episodes in my room, or writing some AmAziNG emails. So yeah, lemme know if you wanna mess around and get DUNKED in Smash.

#Mario4Lyfe #PikaPikaBOIS #CloudIsOnlyTrashWhenIAmNotUsingHim

Contact: BrandonScott2020@u.northwestern.edu

Philanthropy Chair: Cassidy McMahon

The Philanthropy Committee organizes and plans philanthropic events for Slivkans. Though our primary events focus on fundraising for NU’s Dance Marathon and The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Slivkans  have many opportunities to get involved with the community, whether that means making sandwiches, assembling care packages, helping out at the community garden, or visiting the children’s hospital. Our most popular event is Bachelor Auction, which takes place each winter quarter and gives students a chance to share their talents and raise money for our Dance Marathon team.

 CassidyHi, I’m Cassidy McMahon, a first year majoring in Psychology and Mathematical Methods in the Social Science (yeah, I don’t know what that means either… lots of math). I’m from Columbus, Indiana (true fact, it was recently voted the most boring city in all of Indiana). You can usually find me in the DR either doing homework, complaining about homework, or watching Bob’s Burgers/ ANTM while pretending to do homework. I also enjoy movies, anything competitive, dancing poorly, and ECUADOR (I’m going to Ecuador this summer and I’ve been low-key stalking the entire country). If you have any questions, or have a fantastic pun, let me know!!

Contact: “CassidyMcMahon2021@u.northwestern.edu”

Facilities Chair: Rohan Menon

The Facilities Committee is responsible for setting up events. We care for the public areas of Slivka, including the music room, discovery room, kitchens, study areas, and recreation lounge. We are also in charge of organizing events like pool and ping pong tournaments. Come talk to us if you have any questions about how to use something or would like to see some new games on our shelves!

Rohan Menon

Hi Friendos! My name is Rohan and I am a freshman from Atlanta, GA studying Industrial Engineering and Economics. When I’m not g r i n d i n g in class, you can find me gaming, eating, and/or hanging out with friends. I also love dance and music. I played Bass for a looooong time and am currently on Northwestern Raas! I have a TON of weird hobbies, so chat me up to talk about almost anything like Coffee/tea, music, PC gaming, fountain pens, cubing, or even cute red panda gifs.

Favorite Video Games: Psychonauts, Persona 4, Dark Souls 2, and Nier: Automata

Favorite Book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Favorite Movie: Dr. Strangelove

Favorite Albums: Daft Punk’s Discovery and Kanye West’s College Dropout

Favorite Pen: Sailor 1911

Favorite TV shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Contact: RohanMenon2021@u.northwestern.edu

IT Chair: Sarah Bier

The IT Committee has a number of responsibilities. In addition to maintaining Slivka’s technology (both hardware and software), listservs, and online presence, IT hosts quirky events like fruit exploding, Rube Goldberg machine construction, and gnome themed treasure hunts. We’ve also hosted speakers who discuss the future of technology, and how it will affect society.

Sarah Bier

“It’s been a long time since I’ve added a child’s face to my collection. So, how may I help you?” – Koh the Face Stealer

Hi, I’m Sarah Bier, a junior and chaotic good Bio major (Physiology) / chem minor from Schaumburg, IL. While not locked away in my lab doing pathology research or preparing mystical alchemical potions, I can be found watching NU sports, plucking on my cello, or indulging in some SFX makeup. Don’t be too alarmed to see some spooky characters walking around; they’re usually me (or some experiment gone wrong). Hit me up for some horror movie recommendations or a 3-hour conversation on how Breath of the Wild is the best game of all time.

That is, when I’m not prepping for another D&D session, of course.

Contact: SarahBier2019@u.northwestern.edu

Director of Publications: Caryl Henry

The Director of Publications is responsible for maintaining records and archives, taking minutes of executive committee and house meetings, photographing events, and publishing the notoriously hilarious Bathroom Reader. As with all other members of the executive committee, the Director of Publications is a representative of Slivka and a role model for the residents therein.

Hey, everyone! My name is Caryl Henry and I’m part of the class of 2021 studying computer science in McCormick. I was born in Chicago, IL and raised 20 minutes away from Northwestern in Winnetka, so feel free to ask me any questions about the area. Also, if you’re into photography, are a bit of a weeb, and have a passion for music that was cool in the late 2000s, definitely hit me up for a chat!

Contact: CarolynHenry2021@u.northwestern.edu