Executive Board

The executive board of Slivka is a group of students that plan events for current residents, alumni, and faculty fellows. They are in charge of most events in the dorm, from the smaller daily events to the larger events like Slivka Formal. They are always happy to answer any questions you have about Slivka or anything else!

President: Jeremy White

Hello! My name is Jeremy White (he/him), and I am a chemical engineering and political science double major in the Class of 2025 originally from Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy politics and history, particularly outside the United States. As one of Slivka’s California students, I’m well aware of the adjustment to Midwestern winters, and am happy to lend an ear to your inevitable gripes with the weather. I’m also very much a morning person, and enjoy spending time in the rec lounge during the quieter first hours of the day as well as during Slivka’s many lively evenings. So if you ever want to chat about East African politics, the latest April snowstorm, or my unusual sleep schedule, feel free to reach out!

Vice President: Emma Sliwinski

Hi! I’m Emma Sliwinski (she/her), and I’m a chemical engineering major and music minor in the class of 2025. I’m originally from Cedar Falls, Iowa. In my free time, I enjoy playing music, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family. I’m also pursuing a Sustainability and Energy certificate and am passionate about sustainability on campus and in the world. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to chat!

Treasurer: Nano Goldman

Hello! My name is Nano Goldman (he/him) and I am an electrical engineering major in the class of 2026. I am also planning on completing the business institutions minor. I’m from San Diego, California, and in my free time I enjoy photography, talking about Formula One, card collecting and magic, and exploring the local area. You can usually find me around campus and throughout Evanston in one of the many local coffee shops and cafes. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I look forward to working with you all as your Treasurer!

Fellows Chair: Zahra Nathani

I’m Zahra Nathani (she/her), a class of 2027 chemical engineering major from Niles, Illinois. I adore music (Gazo and Gims are some of my favorite artists but I am always looking for recommendations!), reading, baking, and all things research. As your fellows chair, I am always available to you as a resource for connecting with professors or discussing research opportunities and campus resources in line with your interests. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Facilities Chair: Olivia Fopeano

Hello! My name is Olivia Fopeano (she/her), and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering in the class of 2026. I am from Los Angeles, California, and in my free time, I enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering, hanging out with friends, and cooking. I also love the cold weather and enjoy taking walks by the lake during the fall and winter quarters. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to talk about cooking, the latest Magic: The Gathering releases, or fun things to do outside in winter!

IT Chair: Mira Norman

Hiya! The name’s Mira Norman (they/them), and I’m a materials science and engineering major in the class of 2026. I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska and essentially lived there all my life. (No, I don’t live on a farm.) I’m a major Kirby enjoyer, love cooking, and can often be found in the study room working on yet another pset. I also love many music genres and always have song recommendations. If you ever see me around Slivka, want to ask about matsci, or are interested in seeing my dice collection (28 sets and counting!), please say hi! I’d love to talk! :]

Philanthropy Chair: Jessie Gerber

Hello! My name is Jessie Gerber (she/her), and I’m a biomedical engineering major in the class of 2027. I’m from the Chicago area, but I’ve lived in a few different places. In my free time I play piano, participate in intramural sports, play with my dog, and spend time with family and friends. If you have any questions or concerns about Slivka or anything at Northwestern, feel free to reach out!

Publications Chair: Katie Song

Hi! My name is Katie Song (she/her), and I am a mechanical engineering major in the class of 2027. I’m from New Jersey, but closer to Philly than New York. In my free time, you might find me watching football (Go Birds!), reading, or working out! I also love walking around campus, especially down by the lakefill. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to chat about anything!

Academic Chair: Cooper Stringer

Hello! My name is Cooper Stringer (he/him), and I’m in the class of 2026. I’m from right here, in Evanston, Illinois, and would love to give anyone a tour or restaurant recs. I study Biology with an adjunct major in Science in Human Culture, and before you ask– no, I’m not premed :). Outside of Slivka, I’m on NU’s Quizbowl team, and enjoy playing and sharing trivia. I also do research in a lab, and am more than willing to discuss getting into undergraduate research. My interests are myriad and eclectic, so please come to me if you want to learn about Norse mythology or Ancient Rome, read Poe or Royko, or just gush about your latest obsession.

Social Chair: Chisa Yan


Hi! I’m Chisa Yan (she/her), a member of the class of 2027 majoring in computer science. I’m from Chicago, and therefore, am accustomed to the weather here. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, personality typology, and gaming. You’ll find me attending events in the rec lounge at night, studying in the study lounge in the afternoons, or recording dance covers in the mornings. Feel free to talk to me about k-pop, Genshin, or anything else on your mind!

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