About Housing Points

sample points
A sample points breakdown. From left to right: points organized by committee that hosted them, list of events attended, list of events unattended.

Housing points are points that determine the eligibility of a resident to return to Slivka. By the end of Winter Quarter, these points are totaled and ranked by amount. Then, starting from the top of the list, Slivkans are invited to return until all available slots have been fulfilled. The Vice President is responsible for recording housing points and consistently reporting them to Slivkans. Discrepancies can be addressed with the Vice President to rectify any errors held valid by the Vice President.

Points are awarded by participation throughout the academic year until Winter Quarter. At Slivka, we want everyone to get involved and become part of the Slivkan community. Thus, points are rewards for attending (or even hosting) various Slivkan events such as munchies, firesides, Peer-to-Professor (P2P) lunches, Student-Faculty Receptions, group bonding, house meetings, intramural sports, committees, maintenance, and much more!

Unless otherwise specified, events award one point per attendance. Intramural sports (IM sports) award one point per game when at least three games are attended. Committee members may earn up to 20 points per quarter, depending on which committee the member is a part of. Finally, executive board members can earn up to 40 points per housing quarter.

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