Room Amenities

Representative Single

Each room (single) includes:

  • One (1) desk
  • One (1) desk chair
  • One (1) twin bed (80″ long; height is adjustable)
    • Includes mattress only
  • One (1) built-in closet with shelving
    • Employs a curtain to close
  • One (1) dresser
    • Three (3) drawers
  • One (1) bookshelf (two rows)
  • One (1) full-body mirror (managed by the Slivka Executive Board)
  • One (1) overhead room light
    • (Bring more lighting if desired)
  • Room thermostat (A/C in the summer,heating in the winter)
  • Two (2) huge windows (can be opened during the summer)
  • Several electrical sockets
  • One (1) phone jack and one (1) internet
  • One (1) medium garbage can
  • One (1) small recycling bin


Representative Double

Each room (double) includes:

Note: The double rooms are essentially the same as the single. They are larger and instead of one, they have two (2) of the following:
  • Two (2) desks
  • Two (2) desk chairs
  • Two (2) twin beds (bunkable)
  • Two (2) dressers
  • Two (2) bookshelves
  • Two (2) phone and internet jacks
  • Two (2) garbage and recycling bins

Other Notes


As of Fall 2008, repeaters have been installed in Slivka allowing the major carriers to all receive service within Slivka. If you are unsure about your phone, test it first before going out to sign a new cell phone contract. The previous general guidelines for carriers is listed below for your reference only:

A general rule is most cell phones work on campus but struggle within buildings, especially in the Technological Institute, where most science and engineering classes take place, and in most basements. Furthermore, despite the service, a significant factor of reception depends on the phone and its condition. As like other dorms, Slivka has a phone jack for land-line phones (1 per room). As of 2009, this jack is deactivated by default unless you opt-in for the unlimited local/long-distance service provided by NUIT. More information on the land-line phone option can be found at Northwestern’s Telephone Information.


There are no TV ports (cables, satellites, coax, etc.) within the room. The only set that is hard-wired to a signal is the large screen TV in the recreation lounge. However, Northwestern provides on-line TV (NUTV) on which any computer or laptop hard wired on Ethernet can connect to the server and watch the current shows. A further note is the types of packages for TV. Everyone receives the basic package which allows you Northwestern channels and limited access to popular channels. An optional expanded package is available and includes channels such as NBC, ESPN, and USA (channels vary by year depending on a survey voted by students in the summer). Of course, anyone living in Slivka receives the expanded package at no extra charge.