So you want to be a Slivkan?

That’s awesome! Here are some things we think you should know:

  1. You don’t have to live in Slivka to be a Slivkan – we love our non-residents! In order to become a non-resident, you’ll need to fill out our Non-Res Application Form as well as jump through some bureaucratic hoops that are outlined here.
  2. Not everyone in Slivka is an engineering major – almost half of the residents are Weinberg students. There’s at least one communications major in Slivka right now, and we’ve had Medill students as well!
  3. About 10% of the 2013-2014 residents were seniors – this is around the average return rate for seniors in Slivka. More than half the residents are upperclassmen! This means there’s almost always someone who knows what classes you’re going to be in for.
  4. One resident and former Executive Board member raised almost $1000 for Dance Marathon by interrupting our Master’s Organic Chemistry lecture, earning himself brief internet stardom.
  5. Slivkans are very serious about their bacon. (On average.)
  6. Slivka regularly organizes events that match or are bigger than most of the events put on by the entire Residential College Board. Additionally, we have the most events per year of all the RCs – and more than 2x the number of events held by the 2nd most-active RC.
  7. The building’s namesake, Ben Slivka, is (alive, and) a Northwestern Trustee and active part of our community. He stops by and hangs out in the building whenever he’s in town and frequently challenges residents to Foosball games. He has on more than one occasion taken on two challengers at the same time, often using only one hand, and won easily.
  8. Each year, Slivkans create a video showcasing our facilities and residents. It’s one of the many reasons Slivka is awesome. Click here to see our viral videos.