What’s with all the gnomes?


Gnome related pranks are one of Slivka’s quirky traditions. The trend was set in early 2015 when Slivka’s Information Technology Committee (IT) hosted a treasure hunt in which one of the clues led to mailboxes with paper drawn gnomes taped inside. On April Fools day of that same year, two IT members 3D printed dozens of miniature gnome figurines and scattered them throughout the dorm. Two have yet to be found by residents.

Gnomes have become the unofficial mascot for IT, and have cropped up in various other events. They were a contender for the mascot of Slivka, but lost to the octopus. Nevertheless, they remain a beloved part of Slivkan culture, and represent the charm of the unexpected.

There are various gnomes strewn throughout the pages of this website. See if you can find them all!

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