Slivka Formal 2014

This year, Slivka’s formal was at the Arlington Heights Ballroom. With delicious food and lots of dancing, everyone had tons of fun! For more pictures and a video, please visit the photographer’s website (click “read more” for link).

Painting the Rock!

Starting May 15th, Wednesday night, Slivka began to guard the rock. After more than 24 hours of guarding, we painted it Thursday night (well, Friday at midnight). The front said “go Slivka!” in silver and white, and the rest was blue. The side said “so this is outside?” Each Slivkan that painted the rock then signed their name on the bench.

Skokie Sports Park

April 21st was a beautiful sunny day in the Chicagoland area, and about twenty Slivkans took a trip to Skokie Sports Park and enjoyed some mini golf. Though the golf was mini, the fun was not.

Slivka Lip Dub Video

Suggestion for freshmen watching this for the first time:

  1. Turn on “Show Annotations” to display labels of all the rooms. This video was meant to be a tour of our dorm!
  2. What’s up with those swords? Well, for the past two years we have had Foam Sword making events where you craft and decorate a PVC pipe wrapped in foam and covered in duct tape. It is a great way to resolve suite debates, train for the imminent zombie apocalypse, and ambush our president without wounding him.

Check out the Slivka Lip Dub video!

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