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Slivka Formal!

Slivka danced the night away at River Roast in downtown Chicago this weekend!

Foam Sword Tournament!

Slivkans joined together in a merry contest to find the greatest swordsperson in all the land! In an intense tournament set to blood-pumping music, combatants faced off in a series of bracketed duels to test their mettle in flurries of foam and PVC!

Slivka Plays Theatre Games

Slivka got together, played games in improvisation, mental readiness, and spontaneity, and brought great entropy to the Rec Lounge!

A Ghastly Gala

This Halloween Slivka hosted a Murder Mystery Gala! Slivkans dressed in monster-chic for an afternoon of hidden motives and deadly secrets. Monster or Monster Hunter? Pick a side, find the killer – or just try to survive until dessert!


Holi is the Hindu festival of colors and spring. At this event hosted by SASA, Slivkans celebrated with music and food on the lakefill and by showering their friends (and nearby strangers) with powdered color!

Slivka Paints the Rock!

As Northwestern tradition requires, Slivkans took shifts guarding the Rock for 24 hours to earn the chance to paint it. In true Slivka fashion, painting involved intricate laser cut stencils and robotic sea creatures!

Slivka Wins Bubble Soccer!

In a crushing victory, the Slivka team won both first and second places in the Residential College Bubble Soccer Tournament. Congratulations to all who participated!


The theme for this year’s homecoming banner was “Willie in the Windy City.” A group of Slivkans proudly showed our Northwestern and Slivka spirit by marching in the parade!


On Sunday, May 4th, a group of Slivkans celebrated Holi at Northwestern! Holi is an Indian festival for the beginning of spring, celebrated by throwing colors.

RCB Sporcle Tournament

On Saturday April 26th, a group of Slivkans participated in an annual RCB tradition – Sporcle! This tournament was held for members of all residential colleges across campus.