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Murder Mystery 2019

Slivkans and non-Slivkans alike gathered for a Fae Courts-themed ~Murder Mystery~!

Slivka Formal 2019!!

Slivkans went to River Roast in Chicago for a night of fantastic formal fun!

Slivka Goes to RCB Formal!

Slivkans joined the rest of RCB at the MCA of Chicago for a night of fun and festivities!

Slivsgiving 2018

All Slivkans and Fellows came together for a night of family and feasting before the holidays!

RejecTED Returns!

As always, we were educated on a conspiracy for the ages! Just as good as the theory that Slivka exec = Lucasfilms.

Cardboard Fort Extravaganza!

Our annual Wildcat Welcome tradition brought us the strongest competitors to date, including such icons as Iron Man and the Pope!

Scrabble Coasters

Keep your desks safe and messages concise with Slivka’s Scrabble Coasters (TM)!

RCB Formal!

Slivkans stole the show at the Field Museum!

Stage Combat Collective Workshop

Stage Combat Collective, a student group devoted to stage combat quality and safety, taught a workshop on the principles of stage combat. Watch some of the choreography we did! (Some mature language)

Decorating Apples with Fellows!

Slivkans made and decorated caramel apples with fellows Quincy Thomas Stewart (Faculty Chair), Jon Emery, and Tracy Hodgson. Fellows’ kids and the reading week ball pit were also in attendance!