4/20 Events

Last night, in honor of Colorado Appreciation Day (a semi-legitimate holiday), Slivka baked brownies. Additionally, Slivkans got in touch with their creative side by drawing elaborate sharpie tattoos. Using a clever bit of chemistry, the drawings were sealed using a combination of baby powder and hair spray, which formed a liquid bandage-like coating to protect the art. Science for the win!

In other news, Slivka recently decided to adopt the octopus as our official mascot. Hopefully a name will be appearing in the near future.

“Heart tattoo” Medium: sharpie ink on flesh


Slivkan Events Update

Slivkans color Pokemon themed coloring pages.

The past week has seen a number of entertaining events. On Monday, Slivka welcomed the first group of this year’s prospective students, and played several Slivkan classics, including Humans vs. Zombies and One Night Werewolf. That same night, Slivkans revisited the pleasures of coloring, accompanied by a calming playlist of Sinatra tunes.

Tuesday night included an interactive discussion with Professor Brian Pardo of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department (EECS), a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Music. There were also freeze pops for all.

Wednesday night, Slivkans made corn-starch based “Oobleck” with Academic committee. Fortunately, no one got stuck in it.


Happy π Day from Slivka!


It only comes once every 100 years! At 9:26:53, 2015’s Pi Day equals pi to ten digits (3.141592653…). Winners of the pi memorizing contest were Will Molter in 3rd with 96 digits, Ben Rothman in 2nd with 211 digits, and Morgan Carlton in 1st with 264 digits! Congratulations to all three for their excellent memories and for having the patience to write out all those numbers.




In fitting Slivka fashion, the evening was accompanied with dozens of luscious pastries, and a titillating playlist of pie-related sing-alongs. Executive board members were pied by the three contest winners for the amusement of all.




Pi Day!

On March 14th, Slivkans enjoyed eating pie in the rec lounge while reciting digits of pi. The winners of the pi digit competition then went outside to pie other Slivkans in the face.


On Saturday March 1st, a group of Slivkans went bowling! Social committee often organizes events to take Slivkans out to local venues like this one.

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