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Slivka Formal

Each year Slivkans get dressed up for an evening of photos, food, dancing! This year’s formal was held at Stan Mansion in Chicago.

4/20 Events

From Sharpie Tattoos to our new mascot!

Slivkan Events Update

It involves Oobleck…

Happy π Day from Slivka!


RCB Field Day Video

Each year, Slivka dominates at RCB Field Day, a day of fun and competition with other RCs. Watch this video to find out why we’re the best!


Each week, Slivka’s social committee provides the dorm with delicious munchies. This week, munchies were chocolate fondue!

IM Sports: Dodgeball

Slivka participates in many intramural sports throughout the year. Over the last few years, Slivka has grown to be a powerhouse in many of these sports, including dodgeball.

Lincoln Park Zoo!

On Saturday, April 19th, a group of Slivkans went to the Lincoln Park Zoo to see the cute animals!

Pi Day!

On March 14th, Slivkans enjoyed eating pie in the rec lounge while reciting digits of pi. The winners of the pi digit competition then went outside to pie other Slivkans in the face.


On Saturday March 1st, a group of Slivkans went bowling! Social committee often organizes events to take Slivkans out to local venues like this one.